Wife Devastated After Cancer Leaves Her Sterile – Months Later Digs Up Old Pregnancy Test.

Aly and Josh Taylor were for all intents and purposes the perfect married couple. Beautiful, hardworking, high school sweethearts, living in pure bliss.

At 24, Aly began trying to have kids, but when she went to her doctor’s office, the couple discovered Aly had stage 3 breast cancer. It was a shock to the otherwise healthy young woman and her doting husband. But banding together, they made it through a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation.


The couple naturally wanted to start trying again, but Aly’s doctors were forced to, yet again, deliver some bad news.

The radiation had made it impossible for her to conceive.


Wanting to grow their family nonetheless, Aly and Josh started looking into adoption and found a baby girl! They adopted Genevieve back in 2015.


Then, when their little girl was nine months old, Aly began feeling nauseous. Could it be? Was she pregnant?

After digging up an old pregnancy test…


She was pregnant! Aly told Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on TODAY, “it wasn’t like doctors told us there was a slim chance that it would happen, it was that it was impossible.”

“It’s truly a miracle.”


And as if conceiving a baby when doctors told them they would never have children wasn’t enough, the couple got even more good news just a month into her pregnancy.

Genevieve’s birth mom was pregnant again and wanted to know if the Louisiana-based couple would like to adopt their baby’s biological sister. Aly’s response? “I just could not imagine saying no to another baby when at one point we didn’t know if we’d ever have children.”

Going all in, the family of three moved to Kentucky so Aly could deliver and be there for the birth of Genevieve’s sister — the two mothers were due within days of each other.


Little Vera was born on August 14, 2016.


Just 11 days later, Lydia Joyce came into the world and the couple adopted her.


The family that was once told they would remain at two grew to five in just under two years!

“It’s so much better than we could’ve ever dreamed,” Josh said on TODAY. “If you had asked us five years ago, ‘Give us your dream, write it down,’ our dreams would come up so short of where we’ve ended up.”


What’s more, Aly has now been cancer-free for five years.

Their story has inspired so many and is even being chronicled on the TLC show “Rattled.”

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