4 Kids Rescue Lost Ducklings, Then Shelter Discovers Their Adorable Note.

4 children between the ages of 9 and 11 named Jess, Thalia, Serafin, and Kyle were playing together at their local beach when they spotted a mama duck and her 8 ducklings walking along some rocks nearby.

Mom jumped down from the rocks into the ocean and her babies followed, but 4 of the ducklings got stuck and were left behind.

Jess, Thalia, Serafin, and Kyle quickly gathered up 2 of the ducklings and brought them to their mom and siblings, but they couldn’t find the last 2. Finally, they spotted the lost ducklings, but when they returned to the beach, the duck family was nowhere in sight.

The kids waited for a while with the ducklings to see if the family would return, but when they didn’t they called the JSCPA Animals’ Shelter for help.

When the emergency ambulance arrived, the kids were waiting, ready with their duckling friends– who they’d named Wiggerly and Maxi– and a whole list of questions and instructions.



The staff at JSPCA found their note so adorable, they posted it online!


Thanks to these kids, the ducklings are now safe and sound. They’re being cared for alongside 2 other ducklings; the shelter plans to release all 4 of them together when they’re ready.


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