Helpless Woman Bangs Her Head Over & Over On Floor, But Watch When Dog Rushes To Help.

Last Thanksgiving, Janaye Kearns fell. It wasn’t any old fall, though, and doctors rushed her into emergency brain surgery.

You see, Janaye has a traumatic brain injury. She’s suffered from other head traumas in the past from falls caused by seizures and neuropathy. Because of her prior injuries, doctors weren’t sure how she’d come out of surgery. Friends and family began praying that she’d make it out and get back to her old self.


Recovery would be long and hard for Janaye. This was her third brain bleed in just five years.


But thanks to one constant in her life, her service dog Colt, Janaye pushed through.


The Weimaraner/English Labrador was hand-picked by Janaye back in 2012. She got him after her severe traumatic brain injury and she says he’s saved her life many times since.

Colt helped her through her physical therapy…


He even got involved when she did her stretching.


But, as cute as he is, Colt’s main job is to make sure that should another seizure happen, Janaye’s head would be protected from hitting anything.

As a precaution, Janaye continues to train Colt. Watch below to see just how incredible he is at his job. He’d do anything for his owner!

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